Learning to dance in the rain

September 30, 2010


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I can’t believe that I forgot to write about the puppies first night out of their kennel. We began crate training them the minute we brought them home. They also know that at about 10pm, it’s time to go out one last time, then head for the kennel to sleep for the night.

They are almost 7 months old, and I thought it was about time to see how they did out for a night. They were so great. At 10 we went out for one last potty break, then they looked at me and started for the den. I said, come on in my room! They just looked at me, got all excited and jumped up on the bed. Through the night when I would wake up  and roll over, they would look at me thinking I was going to kick them out back to their crate. The only thing I can say for that night was those dogs are bed hogs!!!! But they did really well.

So the next night I again brought them into the room with me. I tried to go to sleep for about an hour. They were up and down. Pouncing on me ever time they jumped back up on the bed. I finally gave up and put them back in their kennel for the night. I had to get some sleep.

Then last night, we tried again. They made it til 1 before I finally had to give up. Up and down, jumping on me and waking me back up. So I’m seriously thinking about only doing this about once a week to start and see how that goes. Then increase it as they learn that it’s time to sleep and not play.

We have still not mastered walking on a leash yet. They pull really hard, even with choke collars on. I’ve never known a dog to do that. I’m so afraid that they will hurt themselves like that. I suppose we still have training time. They are still young. But I must say, I’m looking forward to a couple years from now when they are calmer dogs instead of hyper puppies.