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October 21, 2010

Homophobic Server

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Ok, just got back from dinner just a little bit ago, and our server was completely homophobic! She came to the table to get our drink order, and K and I were holding hands across the table. We gave her our drink order, and at the same time asked her to put in an appetizer order.
She ignored us as she busily cleaned up the tables around us. She eventually brought us our appetizer and promptly walked away. We just sat there wondering if she was going to take our dinner order or not. I finally after about 10 minutes waved down the manager (whom I know from having frequented this particular restaurant for some time) and asked him to let her know that we wanted to order dinner. He took our order, and called her over and had a stern talk with her. I’m quite sure he let her know that she was screwing up a table she didn’t want to screw up, because I’m a long time customer that tips very well. After that she seemed to be all over us, making sure to ask over and over if there was anything else she could get us or do for us. But the whole time it just seemed like she couldn’t stand looking at us.
I will not hide the fact that I’m gay, and I will not hold myself back from holding hands or anything in public. I shouldn’t have to.
This REALLY upset me and K. I have NEVER recieved bad service there. The servers usually fight over who gets my table. I was completely put off.
I will continue to go there because I know the usual people that are there, and I know that this particular young woman will be short lived if she keeps treating people with such prejudice.
I just needed to get this off of my chest.
If anyone is reading this and has gone through prejudicial treatment for any reason, comment or let me know. I just can’t believe that in 2010, we still have to deal with this.