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November 8, 2010

What a weekend

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It’s been quite the weekend!

I’ve waited a long time to get my hair done, over a year actually. My hairdresser sold her business, and I find it very hard to trust anyone with my hair. Finally, K told me to go to her hairdresser. She had to go get her’s cut and re-highlighted. So I said ok, I’ll give her a try. Hoping to have found someone that could take care of mine. OMG! What a disaster. I needed a cut badly, and she did a spectacular job on the cut. Got the layers just right, cut enough of the dead stuff off the ends but didn’t take too much. But when it came to coloring it, she really well… the only word that can be used is…. she f**ked up my hair!! She doesn’t know how to do foil highlights. My hair was YELLOW from top to bottom, and there were big thick horizontal stripes of even YELLOW-ER (if that’s even a word) at the roots all through my hair. I cried. It was actually triggering a big depression. Women would understand this, it’s our HAIR!!! So I cried most of Saturday and some of Sunday. K finally took me to Walmart (because they were one of the only salons open on Sunday) to see if they could fix it. I walked in, and the girls there just looked at me and said “you poor thing” and “a salon did this to you???” They had assumed that I did it to myself, or that I had a friend do it. So Fiona went to work on my hair. There were still bits of bleach on my scalp and my hair had started breaking and/or falling out. When she was finished, it looked so much better. Still not like I normally get it highlighted, but it’s so much better. My hair use to be so soft, like baby hair, but now it course like straw. She said that I’ll have to use a heavy conditioner when I wash it, then before I dry it, I need to put in a good leave-in conditioner, and also use a strengthening conditioner on the ends it from breaking off anymore. I still may lose more of my hair before it’s over. She said that it will take a couple MONTHS of this conditioning to make my hair healthy again. It cost me twice as much to get it fixed as it did to get it done to begin with. I’ve spent, now, this weekend, over $200 on my hair.

So, I spent alot of my weekend upset. But at least the depression episode has lifted. I was so afraid that it would keep going until the cruise. And that’s the last thing I need, to be depressed on the cruise. (20 days and counting!)